Daily Outdoor Walks

  From a stroll through the neighborhood to a run in the park, we offer walks for dogs of all shapes and sizes! Although we focus on individual walks, we do offer group walks at no extra charge! With that said, daily walks start at 30 minutes, then we also have the options for a 45 min or 60 min walk (prices linked below).  


Daily Check-Ins

Whether it be due to your work schedule or perhaps you're away for the weekend, the question remains: is your pet forced to be inside at home all day while you're away? If yes was your answer to the previous question, then this service is for you. Drop-Ins are particularly beneficial for those who have to keep their pets caged throughout the day and for those who have low maintenance animals. This service provides pet owners with the option of having one of our trusted pet sitters stop by a few times a day to check in on your pet and attend to their wants and needs (i.e. fill their food&water bowls, play with them for awhile, take them outside to go to the bathroom). Furthermore, the time the drop-in sitters spend with your pet range from a 10-30 minute(s) visit; time spent visiting varies based upon the maintenance required to care for each of the individual pets and also prompted by owners' general requests.   

Pet Sitting

The pet sitting service is provided in your very home where one of our team members will stop by three times a day (morning, noon, and night) to walk, feed, let out, and play with your furry friends! The cool part of this service that many of our customers love and make note of is the part where WE come to YOU. Not vice versa. This allows your pet to be in the comfort of his/her own home rather than bringing them to the overpriced kennel that they're petrified of. In short, this service brings comfort to both the owner and the pet because the owner now can set their mind at ease knowing their baby is in safe hands and happy.Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  

Overnight Sitting

Overnight sitting offers all the necessary care your pet(s) need in the safety of their home, rather than a kennel! In addition, you will know that your home is secure and safe. With that said, your dogs' assigned caretaker will provide you with daily updates to give owners peace of mind that their pet is just playing with their own toys and relaxing within their forever home- rather than demolishing any toilet paper you left out.  Along with the occasional update text to ensure you that our team is taking incredible care of your fur baby, we also comply with any last-minute special requests families' might have to absolve any remaining stress. With that being said, if you have any chores lying around the house while you're away, feel free to let your designated team member know and we'll be happy to oblige. In offering overnight sitting at a negotiable price, B&M's hopes to relieve some of that burden of stress owners carry in trying to simultaneously pack & plan for their upcoming trip all the while arranging for responsible and reasonably priced overnight care. More importantly, though, your pet is in the comfort of their home being cared for and played with- where's the downside?