Two New Walkers/Sitters Joined Our Team

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January 03, 2023

Today B&M's Dog Walking Services gained two new pet adoring dog walkers/pet sitters. Acadia Parker and Serena Uhl were completely enthralled in the idea that surrounds B&M: Providing CHEAP, Local Pet Sitting and Dog Walking for our neighbors who might not be able to due to work or other reasoning.age Items.

B&M's Dog Walking Services is Branching Out!

Small Local Business is now being offerred outside the Rochester area and has headed upstate to??

January 21, 2018

B&M's Dog Walking Services was once merely an idea inside a girl's head and an junior in high school, with a lot of research and hard work she was able to make it into a reality. The fact this silly idea became a widely recognized small business in the eyes of NYS and in the eyes of the people living in the surrounding Rochester areas was a dream come true in its own. The business did better than I ever imagined it would- and now its being given the opportunity to become even bigger. The owner has now made the business mobile and is offering services wherever she's currently located while also managing the business back home. Our team continues to grow alongside the business gaining members throughout New York and adapting with the needs of the company. With all that said, B&M's Dog Walking Services is taking a break from the road and settling in upstate NY for awhile. Specifically, in the Lake Placid, Keene, and Lake George surrounding areas. All in all, the once small local business has blossomed into something amazing.

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